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Risk management & Loss prevention:
The basics of hazard identification and action to mitigate the likelihood of the hazards causing harm are often not well understood resulting in incorrect assessment of residual risk, and insufficient mitigating measures to reduce risk to an acceptable level. This leads to degradation of due diligence and thereby the propensity for loss increases. We can assist in training executives and sea staff to gain a comprehensive understanding of risk management as it applies to ships operations and onshore management. 

We work with clients in designing and delivering loss prevention programs based on the residual risks that are identified in the clients operations. The approach is pro-active, concentrating on leading indicators rather than lagging indicators. This applies both for ship operations and shore operations

Learning and Development
We have considerable experience in presenting at Ship managers and Ship owners seminars as well as to a large maritime audience on a variety of topics e.g. Quality management systems and their effective implementation, commercial awareness, loss prevention and insurance related topics, motivating staff and developing accountability.  We are available to travel to clients overseas seminars or conduct in house presentations as per the clients requirements.

Counseling and Mentoring
Our seafarers today suffer from a variety of anxieties and often need some mature discussion with another experienced seafarer or experienced counsellor. Such services can be provided on a case by case basis tailored to an individuals need.

​We provide guidance on ship hardening, and ship security and risk analysis for security in HRA and GOG based on each ship’s profile so that Ship owners and managers can decide on company policies for employing armed guards. We can also assist owners in procuring top quality armed guards services at economical costs.